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Council 1170 Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Notes from the Grand Knight

Grand Knight Letter Posted 3/26/2015

We’re coming to the end of our Lenten season and hopefully the beginning of Spring.  We had a little taste of Spring and even have heard of some Robin sightings.  This like other seasons can be a very busy time when trying to get converted from Winter to Spring/Summer.  With that being said, we also have several things coming up that we are looking for volunteers for. 


We are continuing on projects down at the clubhouse and are always looking for help with these.  If you have spare time on your hands, please look over the project list and either contact John Schlice 715-341-6278 or myself 715-572-4105 to volunteer to help out.  We are also always willing to accept a monetary tax exempt donation for these projects.  Please come down for one of our events or a meeting and see the new improvements down at the clubhouse.


We also have our tootsie roll drive coming up in April.  Please read the letter in this newsletter for the details on this event.


Please look over the upcoming events on our calendar and try to attend as many as possible.  You’d be amazed at the people you’ll see there and have a chance to talk to.  Not only that, it helps our club with maintaining our building and helping support our charity work in our community and churches.


I’d like to recognize our Knights of the Month who were John Kraft for January and Mike Lassa for February.  John is our current Deputy Grand Knight.  He spends a lot of time around the clubhouse volunteering and if he’s not volunteering he’s attending one of our functions.  He’s also one of our main Knights during our Christmas basket drive.  Mike has been one of our big project contributors.  He also helps with our drawings during our meetings and covers our pull tabs during clubhouse functions. 


I’d like to recognize our Families of the month for January who was John Schlice and February who was Perry Pazdernik.  John is our Financial Secretary, Columbus Club president, and one of our kitchen coordinators.  John is my go to Knight when I have questions.  He spends countless hours around our clubhouse between running meals, cleaning, working on special projects and filling out our required forms.  John’s wife Kathy has always been available to help him out, along with being so understanding when we us up all his free time.  Perry is our current past Grand Knight and a current Trustee.  He’s been another Knight that has helped out around the clubhouse a lot.  When volunteers are needed for thing Perry usually is one of the first guys to call.  He has led the annual tootsie roll drive for the last several years and this year is also coordinating the cookout at Trig’s during the drive.  We appreciate Kelley’s willingness to allow us to use Perry as much as we do and also for the times when she helps us.


If you see these individuals and families working around the clubhouse or just in public congratulate them for their efforts and awards received.


God Bless you all!!!

Rhody Przekurat


Grand Knight Letter Posted 11/11/14

First of all I’m writing my letter on Veterans Day.  THANK YOU TO ALL VETERANS FOR ALL YOU GAVE FOR OUR FREDDOMS!!!  If you have a chance please thank a veteran you know for their service.  I know, for myself, I appreciate the recognition. 


Knights the state drawing tickets are at the clubhouse.  Please stop down for a meal, a meeting, a cleaning night or any event that we have the clubhouse opened up for and pick up some tickets to sell.  The more tickets we sell the more money we have come back to our organization to help out in our community.  This is the one event a year you can help us, help our community.


We still have a pretty large stack of tickets left of the 300 tickets for the Grand Father clock.  Gentlemen, if we could get all members to help get these tickets sold we could possible use the funds to help with our Christmas baskets.


I’m going to touch on a few things that came up at our last meeting.  We are currently looking to have 3 teams of cooks for our social meetings so we can rotate every 3 months. John Schlice, Bob Ostrowski and Father Todd are one team.  If you’re interested in having your own team or being part of a team please let myself or John Schlice know.


This is more related to the Columbus Club, but since I’m leading several of the projects, I thought I would also mention it here.  We are taking contributions to help pay off the projects we are doing around the clubhouse.  We insulated the storage room on the second floor which cost $900 and we’ve collected close to that to date.  We are going to start on renovating the bar and that is going to cost us around $600.  All donations (which are tax deductible) will be accepted.


I’d like to recognize our Knights of the Month who were Henry Tork for September and Bob Govett for October.  Henry was just recognized for being actively involved with Special Olympics for the past 30 years. He also is one of our monthly cleaners at the age of 92, which is very impressive.  Bob is always willing to support the club by volunteering whenever he can, which seems like every meal including cookouts, unless he’s doing his ski patrol duties.  I’d like to recognize our Families of the month for September who was Herman Lassa and October who was Dave Pavelski.  Herman and family help by running our pull tabs and our prize table at our meetings. He is also one of our cleaners and has made a lot of our signs around the building. We had an appreciation night after our first Social meeting for Dave and his family.  Dave and family have been very active with our clubhouse for years and if you all know Dave, I don’t have enough space in my letter to list everything he does.  If you run into these Knights please congratulate them!!!!


God Bless you all!!!

Rhody Przekurat


Grand Knight letter Posted 7/14/14



We have several things that will be coming up and require a vote to hopefully reenergize our organization.  We’ve already had discussions on these topics at several of our past meetings and at our past officer meetings.  

The first of which is changing our meeting times to 6:30 opposed to our current time of 7:30.  The second is why I’m suggesting the time change, and that is to have a formal meeting on the first Thursday and a social meeting on the third Thursday.  The social meeting would include food, a brief meeting and then socializing with a time closer to supper for the meal. 

We will open these topics up for discussion at the next couple of meetings and if we, as an organization, think this is worth a try will have a vote at our first meeting in September.  We’re trying to get this information out to as many members as possible so we can get every members input on these changes. 

If you are unable to make the meetings and would like to share your opinion you can either e-mail me or call me.

Thank You and God Bless,

Rhody Przekurat




SCHEDULES - Posted 7/14/2014




July 19th Rafter’s baseball game posted 7/22/2014

We had 12 people travel up to Wisconsin Rapids for a Rafter’s game versus the Wisconsin Woodchucks.  We started out with a tailgate party in the main parking lot at Witter field, where we enjoyed hamburgers and great conversation.  We had nice seats to watch a very entertaining game where the Rafter’s ended up losing 5-4.  As a bonus to the game they were handing out Roscoe Rat bobble heads.  Roscoe is the Rafter’s mascot.  Hopefully we can plan another trip to the ball park in the future and get more people to join us for a good time.


Stevens Point July 4th Parade  posted 7/14/2014

 We participated in the annual Stevens Point 4th of July Parade.  We had 16 members between our Council 1170 in Stevens Point and Plovers Council 13880.  Five of our members, who are also Honor Guard in Our Assemble 1216, wore full regalia and carried an American flag and our Knights of Columbus flag.  All other members wore something representing the Knights of Columbus and handed out 7 cases of our tootsie rolls.  We received a warm welcome from our community and plan to continue doing this parade in the future.  It will be a nice challenge to try to double our membership participation next year and in the Christmas Parade which we plan to march in.  A big THANK YOU goes out to the members that marched his year.   [CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES]


1st Annual July 4th Celebration at Clubhouse posted 7/14/2014

Here’s a recap of our July 4th celebration at the clubhouse.  The celebration took place on July 5th starting at 5 PM.  We had a nice turnout of our members and their families.  We all sat outside in our parking lot and had a nice time socializing.  Brats and hamburgers were cooked on a charcoal grill and purchased by our member guests and families.  We made $57.70 that went towards our bible purchase for St. Peters middle school.  At dusk we carried our chairs over to our front yard and watched the fireworks that were part of River Front Rendezvous.  You couldn’t have asked for a better location to watch them.  I heard a lot of positive comments from all that were present.  [CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES]

So mark your calendar for next year and our 2nd annual July 4th celebration.  We’ll run it again in conjunction with River Fronts fireworks.  See you next year.

Building and Grounds To Do List  updated 3/26/2015

Co-Chairs: Dave Pavelski, Rhody Przekurat, John Schlice

We’re looking for a few good men or someone to lead these projects.  If you are interested in leading one or more of these projects please contact Dave (715)344-3333, Rhody (715)572-4105 or John Schlice (715) 341-6278. Also let us know if you have any additional projects to add to this list.  This list will be a part of the newsletter until all projects are complete or forever, whichever comes first!!!!
We’re chipping away at this list and are getting close to having a lot nicer looking clubhouse.  I want to send a BIG THANK YOU to all the members that are making this list smaller!!!!

·         Base boards in kitchen need reattaching

·         Carpet in entrance and stairs needs replacing (have $1100 bid)

·         Hand rails going upstairs(meeting room) need reinforcing

·         Freezer behind ticket counter needs new home in liquor storage room

·         Remove taps unit from behind the bar

·         Remove carpet from around the bar and reinstall new wood grain vinyl

·         Fix floor in bar (in progress)

·         Wash and wipe down all cabinets and walls in kitchen

·         Clean behind all movable equipment in the kitchen

·         Take down strip lights in the meeting room

·         Weather seal the main entrance door

·         Remove freezer in the bat room upstairs.

·         Insulate the bat room (have $2250 bid)

·         Create signage to make our building more noticeable that it’s our KC hall

·         Purchase and install new elongated  toilet seats

·         Mount bathroom sinks to the counter

·         Purchase and install solar flag light

·         Repair concrete threshold on entrance 

·         Freshen paint on walls in kitchen and bar room  (in progress)

·         Take and return TV to Zag

·         Seal coat parking lot (have spring bid)

·         Seal around building

·         Rake the yard around building  

·         Clean exhaust hood vents          

·         Paint bathroom stalls a new color

·         Strip and wax the floors

·         Concrete slab for dumpster (getting bid)

·         Add rain gutters where missing

·         Reattach paneling in stairwells

·         Paint front door


A Letter from your New Grand Knight Rhody Przekurat  Posted 5/19/14

I’m writing this letter to let you know that I’m very excited to become your new Grand Knight.  There are several things that I’m going to try to do in my term as Grand Knight. Number one is to try to get our membership more involved in our mission.  One of the ways I would like to accomplish this is to have some volunteer chairs for several of our functions.  The idea behind this is so that we aren’t reliant on the same group of gentlemen to do all the work (many hands make the work lighter).  So I’m going to put out a request to all our members and ask for you to step up and volunteer to fill one of these positions listed below.

·         Meal Volunteer Call Chair

·         Building Special Projects Chair

·         Youth Activities Chair

·         Recruitment Chair

·         Raffle Ticket Chair

·         Council Book Chair

·         Bowling Tournament Chair

·         St Joes Parish Roundtable Chair

·         St Stephens Parish Roundtable Chair

·         St Stans/Newman Parish Roundtable Chair

·         St Peters Parish Roundtable Chair

·         St Casimirs Parish Roundtable Chair

·         St Bartholomews Parish Roundtable Chair

·         St Marys Fancher/St James/St Marys Custer Parishes Roundtable Chair

Please consider and if you feel you’d be willing to help us succeed in our mission volunteer for one of these positions.  More to come from your new Grand Knight.

Thank You and God Bless,

Rhody Przekurat

Grandfather Clock Drawing  Posted 5/19/14

We will have a drawing for the Grandfather clock that has been sitting in the bar area.  The clock was hand made by Raymond Przekurat and donated to us by him.  The tickets will be getting print very soon.  The drawing will have a maximum of 300 tickets sold at the donated cost of $10 per ticket.  The drawing will happen as soon as we sell all 300 tickets.   The tickets will be available from any officer or at the bar once printed.  Proceeds from the drawing will go to our charities, food drives and building fund. 

Information Purpose Only

I just wanted to let all members know that we do a meeting attendance drawing after every meeting.  You have to be at the meeting to win.  I’ll start putting the names of the members that either won or weren’t present in our upcoming newsletters.   I’d like to start seeing more winners, so make sure if you don’t currently come to the meetings you start coming.  I can’t wait to see a lot of new faces at our upcoming meetings.   Thanks Grand Knight Rhody Przekurat